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14 Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

Ah, summer! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the heat is definitely rising. It’s the perfect time to enjoy your backyard, but let’s face it, when the temperatures soar, staying cool becomes a top priority. Don’t worry, though, because your backyard has the potential to be a cool and refreshing space — even on the most sweltering days.

With a little creativity and a few clever tricks up your sleeve, you can transform it into a refreshing oasis where you can escape the scorching heat and make the most of your summer. Here are some fun and creative ways to keep cool in your backyard all season long!


Hang Outdoor Fans

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

Install outdoor fans strategically in your backyard to create a cool breeze. By suspending them from a pergola or porch ceiling, you can enjoy a gentle airflow that helps lower the temperature and keeps you comfortable in your most-used spaces.


Get an Insulated Cooler or Refrigerator

Upgrade your backyard setup with an insulated cooler or refrigerator to keep your beverages and snacks chilled. Having easy access to refreshments will ensure you stay cool and hydrated while spending time outside.


Add Elevated Seating

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

Opt for elevated seating options like a hammock or swing. By sitting higher off the ground, you can benefit from increased airflow and better ventilation — especially if it’s a mesh material.


Wade in a Kiddie Pool

Set up a kiddie pool in your backyard for a quick and refreshing dip. Whether you want to fully submerge or simply dip your feet, the cool water will provide instant relief from the summer heat. And it’s the perfect place to relax with a book and iced drink in hand!


Build a Pergola with Curtains

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

Construct a pergola in your backyard and add curtains for extra shade and privacy. The curtains can be drawn closed (or partially closed, to allow airflow) during the hottest parts of the day, blocking out the sun’s rays and creating a cool, shaded retreat.


Host a Water Balloon Battle

Turn cooling off into a fun game! Organize a friendly water balloon battle, which will keep everyone laughing and entertained — not to mention, a lot cooler. Simply fill colorful balloons with water, divide into teams, and let the excitement begin.


Plant Some Shade Trees

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

For a more long-term strategy, consider planting shade trees throughout your backyard to create natural cooling zones. The leafy canopy of trees not only provides relief from the sun but also adds beauty and tranquility to your outdoor space.


Add a Screened-In Porch

Transform your porch into a screened-in area to create a cool and bug-free zone. With the screens in place, you can enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze without worrying about insects or excessive heat.


Create an Outdoor Shower

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

Install an outdoor shower in your backyard for a refreshing and invigorating experience. The soothing flow of water will help you cool down and wash away the heat of the day — plus, it will help keep sweat and dirt out of your house completely!


Slide Down a Slip ‘n Slide

For a more thrilling and active way to beat the heat, set up a slip ‘n slide in your backyard. The slick surface combined with cold water will provide endless hours of fun and refreshing enjoyment for kids — and kids at heart!


Put Up an Umbrella

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

Add umbrellas to your backyard seating areas to provide instant shade and relief from the sun. Plus, you can move them around as needed, if you want to move to a different part of your yard. Choose umbrellas with UV-resistant fabric to protect yourself from harmful rays.


Install Misters

Set up misters in your backyard to create a fine mist of water that cools the air as it evaporates. Position them strategically to cover seating areas or outdoor dining spaces, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment.


Create a Water Table for Little Ones

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Backyard During the Summer

For the youngest members of your family, set up a water table filled with shallow water and various water toys. This interactive play area will keep them cool and engaged while providing a safe space to splash around.


Turn on the Sprinklers

Sometimes, it’s as simple as running through the sprinklers — a favorite childhood summer pastime! Turn on your sprinkler system (or make your own DIY sprinkler system using a hose and a plastic bottle) and run back and forth through the fountain of water.


Beat the Heat!

What tricks help you stay cool during the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Jul 12, 2023 DIY Home
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