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an occasion when goods are offered for sale cheaply so that people will be encouraged to lớn buy them and there will be space for new goods:
It was difficult getting the piano through the doorway because we only had a clearance of a few centimetres.

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official permission for something or the state of having satisfied the official conditions of something:
the process of a cheque going from one bank khổng lồ another through a central organization, so that money can be paid lớn the person it is owed to:
If goods are reduced for clearance, they are offered for sale at a lower than usual price so that people will buy them và there will be space for new goods:
the amount of space available for an object khổng lồ pass through an opening without touching anything, or for two objects to lớn pass each other without touching:
The sign on the overpass says that its clearance is 12 feet, and our truck is 10 feet high, so we should have sầu 2 feet of clearance when we go under it.
need/require clearance The deal will need clearance from state insurance departments where the companies vì chưng business.

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clearance for sth The chief executive said he hoped lớn receive regulatory clearance for the khuyễn mãi giảm giá by next March.
The regime of interest in the present paper is, however, that of very small clearances t o the ground.
In a recent study,27 the mass distribution of a four-bar mechanism with small clearances at its three passive joints has been optimized without adding any counterweights khổng lồ any liên kết.
Local government had been able to provide an enlightened response lớn urbanization through the provision of parks, street clearances, sanitation, the municipalization of urban transport, & so on.
The probability of adjusting a feature khổng lồ its nominal pose can be numerically computed by computing the possible pose errors that can be compensated by clearances.





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