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From about 128 km away, they hauled huge basalt boulders, from which to carve colossal heads, and nearly 100 other sculptures.
Earthquakes reflect the means whereby continents are assembled and broken apart, sometimes involving slivers migrating vast distances, and colossal rejigging of surface environments.
This was a colossal failure, where cynical manipulation, massive corruption, and state terror derailed an expensive attempt to impose " democracy " from above.
Roman artists focused on memorable urban objects actually experienced by viewers, including external walls, temples, porticos and colossal statues.
Also, the years of observation, where no two prints from different people had ever been found to have the same details, became a colossal endorsement of this scientific fact.
The feeling for the colossal power of the man, and the perception of the sheer awfulness of much of the music - it"s very hard to reconcile these things.
These societies are consequently entangled in a colossal prisoner"s dilemma that not only perpetuates but also escalates a praetorian game that is inimical to democratic consolidation.
He was a pioneer in the pathologic aspects of both congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases, and had the colossal ability to put the pathologic findings in their appropriate clinical perspective.
Wren"s architecture had suddenly metamorphosed into a colossal musical instrument - a massive resonating structure!
The entire story of the conquistadors is an object lesson in what can be achieved by taking colossal risks, by flaunting meagre resources in the face of unbelievable odds.
After refilling and restoration there is a colossal waste of money in going to that site to obtain another coal measure from it.

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Anyone who thinks that we can nationalise the land without spending a colossal sum of public money is really living in a fool"s paradise.
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