Founded in 1979, Committee for Children is a global nonprofit whose work is at the forefront of an irrepressible movement. A leader in the field, we champion the safety & well-being of kids through social-emotional learning (SEL) khổng lồ fulfill our vision of safe children thriving in a peaceful world.

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Want to keep children engaged and learning this summer? Listen khổng lồ fun new episodes of The Imagine Neighborhood podcast to lớn build children’s social-emotional skills outside of the classroom.Listen Here

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Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In this blog, Zheng Wang discusses what it means khổng lồ him to be Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) và steps allies can take lớn better tư vấn the AAPI community.Read More


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Federal Funding for SEL Now Available: March 2021

Committee for Children works with policymakers from around the country & supports laws, policies, and funding that promote social-emotional learning (SEL), address bullying, and prsự kiện child sexual abuse. Read More

ASCAtweets Mindsets và Behaviors standards (2019) is now available. Please note, we"ll update this lớn align with the new 2021 standards as soon as possible.

CONGRATULATIONS to lớn our awesome #ImagineNeighborhood teens - Emmy, Carolyn, Samarah, Myles, Luke, Aja, Natalia, Maria, Eatháng, CJ, Amelia, Maybelle, và Esther - & THANK YOU khổng lồ
AllstateFDoanh Nghiệp for kindly supporting our new #TeenForceFellowship!

We"re thrilled to lớn announce the first Imagine Neighborhood Teen Force! fellows! Learn more about this exceptional group of young storytellers here:

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