a large box-shaped device that is used to lớn cook và heat food, either by putting the food inside or by putting it on the top:

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To accommodate the flensing dechồng & blubber cookers a superstructure was added above sầu the oil tanks.
Tents, cookers, clothing, food for dogs, and dogs for food as well as the streamlined, light-weight sledge were all part of the system.
Food was usually prepared on a wood-fired range although one family used a gas cooker & another a converted oil drum.
For example, sideboards should be placed cthua kém together, whereas a fridge và a cooker should be far away from each other.
The most useful combination has turned out khổng lồ be a heat sensor above the cooker which when activated both switches off the cooker & alerts the staff.
Those which have been most commonly identified are dressing, doing hair, standing, going to bed, using a cooker, walking, climbing stairs, washing và bathing, và toileting.
I am dealing with cookers first, because this is the area in which most consumer complaints have arisen.
A young man in my constituency was forced khổng lồ make do with a dangerous second-hvà gas cooker which blew up in his face.
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