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The interdepartmental steering group on food surveillance has examined information on aluminium in food from aluminium cookware.
It can also refer to washing one"s car, by lathering the exterior with car soap, then rinsing it off with a hose, or washing cookware.
Highlights in its inventory include unicorn tears, field notebooks, a vast array of teeth, bigfoot toenails, respectacles, high quality field cookware, and fashionable cryptozoological wear.
When water (1 ppm fluoride) is boiled in aluminum cookware more aluminum is leached and more aluminum fluoride complexes are formed.
Aluminum and copper cookware are more conductive than steel, and the skin depth in these materials is larger since they are non-magnetic.
The material properties of cookware, such as hydrophobicity, surface roughness, and conductivity can impact the taste of a dish dramatically.
This eliminates one of the common complaints of retro-fitted induction cookware: it makes a buzzing sound as heat is applied.
His grandmother taught him to work with clay when he was fifteen, first making cookware and flowerpots.
At least one high-frequency all-metal cooker is available, that works with lower efficiency on non-ferromagnetic metal cookware.
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to put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve (= wire net shaped like a bowl) to break up large pieces

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