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The comtháng assumption that if there is national deforestation, then there is a felt need khổng lồ plant trees, needs to lớn be reexamined.
The laông xã of a precise measure of the appropriate deforestation process is a serious limitation of previous studies on the topic.
This would require massive deforestation around the world, và conversion of many fragile hillsides & drylands to lớn cropping for which they are environmentally unsuitable.
Chapter 1, written by the editors, opens by describing the scope of the book and the role of local institutions in deforestation.
Using observed past deforestation, we find that while risk-targeted payments are far more efficient, capped flat payments are more egalitarian.
Damage inflicted by upstream deforestation on downstream farmers without compensation is an example of the former.
For example, what factors are the leading causes for tropical deforestation, & what global policy agendas can be adopted lớn halt this process most effectively?
Fuel wood from improved fallows on far m may provide a means to conserve the natural vegetation, which is under threat due to deforestation.
Apparently, species with smaller niches (= specialists) have sầu less chance khổng lồ survive deforestation & are more prone to lớn local extinction than those with wider niches.
When an apparent regional dry period peaking around a. d. 900 coupled with the effects of local deforestation, the south"s equilibrium was upset.
Nonetheless, all agree that deforestation is one of the major sources of carbon release, as this book brilliantly describes.
The respondents shared deep concerns about the long-lasting polluting effects caused by deforestation, industry, vehicles và the use of chemical inputs in agriculture.

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The effect on deforestation occurs indirectly, through the impact on returns lớn land associated with a change in the relative price of agricultural commodities.
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