Feeding your chickens is one of, if not the most important, tasks when it comes lớn raising backyard chickens. Get it right, và you will have a healthy flock who merrily cluck every time you bring them one of their favorite snacks or kitchen scraps!

Get it wrong, và it can lead lớn reduced egg production, deformed eggs, feather picking, và other unwanted behavior.

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So, let’s gets straight into all you need lớn know about feeding chickens.

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What Should You Feed Chickens?

Once you know what you’re doing, feeding your chickens is quite straightforward.

We think what makes it tricky are some of the false myths posted online about what you can & can’t feed your chickens (such as feeding your chickens potato skin is bad for them- this is false! Chickens love potato skin).

The basis of any good chicken diet is a high-quality poultry pellet (source).

We feed our girl’s layers pellets which provide them with the right amount of protein & minerals to lớn lay eggs!

Pellets normally contain wheat, salt, maize, sunflower seed, and oats.

Feeding your chickens pellets ensures that they get vital vitamins, nutrients, và minerals from their food source to lớn keep them healthy.

This is even more important if your girls don’t have much outdoor space- because they won’t get minerals and salt from the ground.

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In addition lớn their chip core diet of pellets, you can feed them grains such as corn or wheat khổng lồ give them some variety.

Chickens love fruit & vegetables, & you can give them this daily. Our girls love vegetable peels, bananas, táo cores, carrots, and broccoli.

You are safe khổng lồ feed chickens pretty much any vegetable or fruit except any raw green peels (such as green potato peel) & any citric fruits such as oranges và lemons.

Just remember they need whole grain, low salt, & low sugar foods.

Does this mean you can’t feed them scraps from your dinner? Absolutely not; we discuss which kitchen scraps we give our girls later on in the article.

Before we move on to lớn discuss how to lớn feed your chickens, let’s finish this section by discussing how you can ensure you are feeding your hens a high-quality feed.

Your feed should be high in protein, organic, & ideally milled in the US. A good quality feed will ensure your hens are healthy và laying eggs.

We have shared some of our favorite feeds in the table below.

Comparison Table

Scratch và Peck Feeds Naturally không tính tiền Organic Layer Feed25lbYesSee Price
Kalmbach All Natural Layer Feed50lbYesSee Price
Manna Pro Layer Pellets for Chickens50lbYesSee Price
Scratch & Peck Feeds Naturally không tính phí Organin Grower Feed for Chickens10lb/25lb/40lbYesSee Price

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