dry dirt in the form of powder that covers surfaces inside a building, or very small dry pieces of soil, sand, or other substances:

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dry dirt in the form of powder that covers surfaces inside a building, or very small dry pieces of earth, sand, or other substances:
Therefore, a 20-year old plan can be taken off a shelf, dusted down and it does not need an environmental impact assessment for approval.
About five or six fields have already been announced, and a number of other plans have been dusted off.
Once again, law and order is being taken from the top shelf, dusted down and put in front of the electorate.
There is a good market in the world for light aircraft, the club aircraft, or machines for crop dusting, fertiliser spraying or bird scaring.
If she knocks the instrument when dusting it, she immediately receives a call inquiring whether she needs help.
There is no ready prepared northern route waiting to be brought off the shelf and dusted off for public consideration.
There is also the fact that the streams of particles that are not breathed in are dropping down into dusts, including household dusts.
Their enemies are not simply the sharp, pervasive dusts, but the very elements and, indeed, the law of gravity at its most pitiless.
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This variable provides a measure of the average particulate concentration in the air (airborne dust) of each country"s cities.
Operations beyond this period will depend on the amount of dust deposited on the rover"s solar panels.
These bodies indicate past exposure to asbestos dust but are not proof of the presence of disease due to the inhalation of asbestos.





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