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The third area relates to subjects where the centrality of the body has been evaded for reason of "good practice".
Such an attitude evades institutional classification of research; as such, it becomes a risk that many schools cannot afford.
All over the federation, villagers evaded labour recruitment, refused to make compulsory crop deliveries and stopped paying taxes.
Unfortunately, these demonstrations were evaded on the belief that they represented a selection of favorable cases.
Unhappy workers evaded the new requirements by producing ninety bundles containing fewer than thirty leaves.
In addition, flying contributes to an organism"s fitness in multiple ways, making it inappropriate to describe it simply as, say, a mechanism for evading predators.
People living in the intermediate foothills and in the grassy alluvial areas could live hidden from the view of outsiders, thus evading external control.
Tax patrols were infrequent and could be evaded relatively easily, enabling people to resist tax pressure for some time.
Perhaps the most intriguing role proposed for proteases is that of evading the host immune response.
As the administrative duties imposed by the city steadily increased with the growing administration through the seventeenth century, householders began evading those burdens.

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