Who Is Ewen Chia?

Striving khổng lồ earn an extra income, Ewen Chia started his first internet business in 1997.

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For 5 full years, he worked on his mạng internet business part-time every day from 11pm – 2am while holding a full-time job.

He was motivated lớn build a better life for his family. After years of perseverance and mistakes, he finally cracked the code to internet success and has not looked baông chồng since.

World-Renowed Internet Marketing Pioneer

Since starting as an Internet kinh doanh pioneer in 1997, Ewen has come a long way.

Today, he is highly-respected & regarded as one of the best and most genuine internet sale experts in the world.

He is also recognized as “The World’s #1 Super Affiliate” and his name is synonymous with Affiliate Marketing, although that is not all he does.

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Ewen is often called upon for his ingenious advice in the areas of social truyền thông, search engine optimization, online branding, email marketing, hàng hóa creation và online conversion strategies.

Some Achievements Over The Years

Created “Secret tiếp thị liên kết Weapon” which became one of the main training sites many “gurus” got their start from. Over 100,000 copies of the hàng hóa has been sold till date.Launched an online coaching program, “Super tiếp thị liên kết Cloning Program”, that generated sales of US$1.497 MILLION in 36 hours.Launched a membership site that registered 5,000+ paid members in 48 hours.Wrote a print book that became a #1 International best-selling book in 24 hours.These are just some of his projects and you’ll definitely see more from Ewen soon!

Fact is, Ewen can teach anyone or any company how khổng lồ leverage the mạng internet for massive sầu profits.

Many of his students had been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online through his proven training & teaching materials.

#1 International Best-Selling Author

In 2009, Ewen Chia launched his first ever print book, “How I Made My FirstMillion On The Internet and How You Can Too!” at www.InternetMillionaires.com/mmo.htm

This book made internet sale history by being the FIRST ever book about the internet business và internet sale khổng lồ hit the #1 WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER LISTS on Amazon, Barnes và Nobles and other online bookstores all at the same time – in just 24 hours of launch.


International Speaker, Educator And Trainer

Ewen is also a highly sought after international speaker, travelling the world motivating entrepreneurs and teaching the mạng internet business. In fact, he has taught his knowledge lớn over 13 countries worldwide!

Ewen has shared the stage with experts lượt thích Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Blair, T Harv Eker, Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Chris Garnder & Donald Trump, aước ao others.

Ewen was also awarded with the world’s first internet sale trophy, “World Internet Challenge”. This was for his LIVE demo where he started a new mạng internet business và made US$80,000 in first 3 days with it – all in front of a 1,000+ people strong live audience!

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