to (cause something to) separate suddenly or violently into two or more pieces, or to (cause something to) stop working by being damaged:

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If a football team breaks, it gets the ball in its own half and attacks quickly into the opposing team"s half:
the regular time in the middle of the morning or afternoon, for school students to talk or play, and sometimes have food or drink:
to stop having a close relationship with someone, especially stop living with them , or to change a course of action that you have had for a long time:
When a relationship ends, it"s often best to make a clean/complete break (= suddenly and completely stop seeing each other).

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in snooker and billiards, the number of points that a player gets during one turn at hitting the balls
in football, an occasion when a defending team gains possession of the ball in its own half and attacks quickly into the opposing team"s half
to separate something suddenly or violently into two or more pieces, or to stop working by being damaged:
If you break a bill of a particular amount of money, you exchange it for smaller bills whose total equals the amount of your bill:
(of a wave moving toward land) to suddenly change from a rising curl of water, sometimes showing white, to a layer that spreads out on reaching land
an interruption, esp. in a regular activity, or a short period of rest when food or drink is sometimes eaten:
I went skiing in the mountains during spring break (= period in early spring when school classes temporarily stop).
to do something that is against a law, or not do something that you should do or have promised to do:
to have no profit or loss at the end of a business activity because you only make enough money to pay for your costs:
break ground on sth The company recently broke ground on its new manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, VA.
a short period when a radio or television programme is interrupted by announcements or advertisements:
Gold prices rallied again, a move which traders said could foreshadow another break above $400 an ounce.
To the extent that conversations are implicitly expected or planned to co-occur with dinners, coffee breaks, or other scheduled activities, they are also temporally constrained.
There have been reports of some localised fumarole activity during the past 100 years, and a new lava flow broke out only 20 years ago.
By the end of the century, however, a few women had managed to break the ranks of male professionalism and attain medical degrees.
Three independent branches can be seen: degeneracy has been removed by breaking symmetry through displacement of one of the jets.





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