Wearing a light xanh coat with the hood up, Hilary Hahn trudges through a chilly late-November landscape.

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She is filming herself as she walks, making an update lớn her many fans via social truyền thông. “I’m doing my best lớn keep working in my own way,” she says. “I remain optimistic about when things will begin again.”

Days after she filmed this wintry wander, Hahn turned 41. The birthday was marked in quarantine, following her return from a carefully planned live performance in Texas—the first since her sabbatical ended in September. When I spoke with Hahn via Zoom in early December, she shared her thoughts on her sabbatical and her new projects. She has many reflections, too, about the changes that the pandemic has wrought on the world, the musical world in particular.

“AI is here,” says Hahn. “So it’s not like, vì chưng we want lớn engage with it or not? It’s like, are we going to have sầu our voices heard?

Our conversation moves from the new CD khổng lồ Hahn’s role with Deepmusic.ai, an organization formed lớn explore artificial intelligence (AI) and the arts.

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She is the co-founder (và VPhường of artistic partnerships), along with tech entrepreneur Carol Reiley. The company’s mission statement describes its goal: “to lớn use music as a lens on how humans & AI can co-create something special together.”

“We’re trying to lớn figure out what’s the state-of-the-art, what are the issues?” Hahn says. “AI is here. So it’s not like, vày we want lớn engage with it or not? It’s like, are we going lớn have sầu our voices heard? Are we going to take a place at the table? Are we going to lớn be influential as artists? Or are we just going khổng lồ let other fields determine what art is going lớn be in the future? We need lớn find ways lớn fill those gaps & also get the two areas talking to each other, finding our commonalities, identifying the challenges, finding things that aren’t working, providing tutorials on using the AI software that currently exists.”

Deepmusic.ai launched in December 20trăng tròn with an event featuring three composers working with AI software. Composer David Lang wrote “out of body” for Hahn. Lang says, “I’m proud to say I did not cheat at all in that I laid all the computer notes inlớn my original piece in the order it was generated. It is true, however, that the AI generated many options, và I chose only the one that was most aesthetically pleasing to me. I never asked myself which option was aesthetically pleasing to it.”

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