The UK public elects 650 Members of (MPs) to represent their interests và concerns in the House of Commons. MPs consider & propose new laws, & can scrutinise government policies by asking ministers questions about current issues either in the Commons Chamber or in Committees.

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Keep up lớn date with the business of the House of Commons using the range of business papers, including the order paper, votes và proceedings và Điện thoại tư vấn lists.


Joint Committee on Human Rights calls for written submissions on the draft Bereavement Benefits (Remedial) Order 2021

Public Administration và Constitutional Affairs Committee publish Propriety of Governance in Light of Greensill: An Interyên Report


Committee writes lớn the Health & Safety Executive to ask about its role enforcing Covid self-isolation rules
The Speaker of the House of Commons has offered his opposite number in France "a lovely Lancashire welcome" when he attends the G7 Speakers’ conference later this year
Committee announces that it is lớn look at how the aviation & shipping sectors can best achieve sầu net zero emissions
The UK public elects Members of (MPs) to lớn represent their interests và concerns in the House of Commons

TheHouse of Commons Enquiry Serviceprovides information on the work, history & membership of the House of Commons.

Our telephone enquiry service is open between 10am-12 midday and 2pm-4pm (Monday to Friday, excluding ngân hàng holidays).

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The House of Commons Enquiry Serviceproduces a series offree publications which you can read online, or tương tác us to lớn request copies.

House of Commons on Twitter

HouseofCommonsfor updates on the UK House of Commons Chamber.

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EDM database

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons. The EDM database contains up-to-date information on the lathử nghiệm EDMs and signatures added to existing EDMs.

EDM database

Members' financial interests

MPs must register any financial or non-financial interests that might reasonably be thought lớn influence their actions.

Members' financial interests
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