used to lớn describe money that is paid to show that you are serious about doing something or entering an agreement:

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Buyers have no right to keep a stolen oto once it has been identified as stolen, even if it was bought in good faith.
Would the intimate attachment principle be sufficient to lớn override this good-faith parental judgment và justifiably velớn a parentally required organ donation?
Those acting as surrogates for patients who laông chồng decisional capathành phố have an ethical obligation to make a good-faith effort to apply the "best interests" criterion from that particular patient"s perspective sầu.
They will be regarded by the national minority as an attempt by the majority to dominate the state rather than as good-faith attempts to promote a comtháng good.
Finally, suppose that all previous good-faith attempts at negotiating a resolution to lớn the issues have failed & that the strike was previously announced before being called.
This would require good-faith negotiations, political will, a pragmatic spirit và respect for international law provisions.
The lead agency is charged with making a good-faith effort khổng lồ describe, calculate, or estimate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from a project.
And it required employers to engage in good-faith negotiations when a union had issued a demand for recognition and bargaining.
These two allegations called into question that the proposed sale represents a good-faith, arms-length negotiation between the two entities, the complaint claimed.
Where good-faith negotiations fail, these constituency-led organizations seek lớn pressure the decision-makers through a variety of means, including picketing, boycotting, sit-ins, petitioning, & electoral politics.
The union also claims in the lawsuit that the bill creates an environment where good-faith bargaining is impossible.
A company is required lớn tệp tin unclaimed property reports with its state annually &, in some jurisdictions, to make a good-faith effort lớn find the owners of their dormant accounts.

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Instead, a putative spouse believes himself or herself khổng lồ be married in good faith and is given legal rights as a result of this person"s reliance upon this good-faith belief.
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