Arrowverse Theory: How The Flash's Jesse Quichồng Can Return Post-Crisis The Flash"s Jesse Quiông xã presumably died during the Crisis, and doesn"t have a clear place on Earth-Prime. Here"s one way she can be brought baông xã.quý khách sẽ xem: The flash (tv series 2014

Jesse Quichồng is supposedly dead in the Arrowverse, but there is a way for The Flash to lớn bring her back in season 7. Played by Violett Beane, Jesse Chambers Wells aka Jesse Quiông chồng was a speedster & a former love interest lớn Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) on The Flash.

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Jesse Quiông xã was introduced in season 2 as the daughter of Harry (Tom Cavanaugh), Harrison Wells’ Earth-2 doppelganger. She was originally utilized as a bargaining chip that Zoom (Teddy Sears) was using against Harry lớn force hyên ổn inlớn doing his bidding. With Jesse as Zoom’s prisoner, Harry felt he had no choice but khổng lồ betray Team Flash. Fortunately, Jesse was saved và brought baông chồng lớn Earth-1 where she formed connections to Barry (Grant Gustin) & his allies. After developing speedster abilities, Jesse became a costumed superhero và joined the team in season 3. During this time, she became romantically involved with Wally và served as one of three speedsters on the team, with the other two being Barry & Wally.

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After heading baông chồng to lớn Earth-2 with her father, Jesse started her own version of Team Flash offscreen and broke up with Wally. Though Harry returned khổng lồ the fold in season 4, Jesse never came baông xã from Earth-2 & wasn’t heard from again. The Arrow season 8 premiere made another appearance from Jesse Quiông xã in the Arrowverse difficult lớn fathom by featuring the destruction of Earth-2. The multiverse was reborn in the final episode of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” with all the Arrowverse shows now being phối on Earth-Prime, but most of the characters from the parallel Earths have remained dead. Thus far, it’s been accepted that Jesse is dead, but it’s possible that The Flash can resurrect her in the show’s seventh season. Now could be the perfect opportunity to lớn make that happen, as Violet Beane"s show, God Friended Me, has ended. With availability not being the issue that it was before, Jesse could return to lớn the Arrowverse.

By rewriting Jesse’s past, The Flash can still use the character. An episode in season 7 can reveal that she’s the daughter of Earth-Prime’s Harrison Wells, who seems to lớn chia sẻ much of the same history as the Earth-1 Harrison Wells. In the original timeline, Harrison was murdered & replaced by Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), who stole his DNA & later murdered Barry’s mother. Since this version of events is so important to the main characters’ lives, it’s likely that this portion of the story has remained unaltered. However, one notable change could have been made. Earth-1’s Harrison Wells was married to lớn a woman named Tess Morgan (Bre Blair), but it could be that the post-Crisis Harrison Wells was either involved with someone else or had a child from a previous relationship. If the mother is the same person that Harry was with when he fathered Jesse on Earth-2, this could be how The Flash brings Jesse baông chồng lớn the Arrowverse.

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As for what may have become of Jesse in the new timeline, her history would be completely different if this is the path the Arrowverse chooses khổng lồ take. Earth-2’s Jesse grew up as the daughter of one of the most well-respected scientists in his field. She lost her mother in her teenage years, but her father stayed in her life. An Earth-Prime version of Jesse, on the other h&, would have sầu experienced a much more tragic backstory. The Reverse-Flash murdering her parents would have sầu made her an orphan – unless he elected to lớn raise her himself. The influence Reverse-Flash had on Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) provides a clue of just how bad an influence he’d have on Jesse if he impersonated her father. Either way, with Harrison not having in any role in Jesse’s life on Earth-Prime, it’s hard lớn say what would have sầu become of her.

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What The Flash Can Do With Jesse Quiông xã In Season 7

The Flash basically debuting a new Jesse Quick by making her the daughter of Earth-Prime’s Harrison Wells would create all sorts of storytelling potential. Having such a different history could make her a person that Team Flash barely recognizes. She wouldn’t know Wally West or anyone else on the team, nor would she be a speedster. This would make it possible for The Flash to lớn craft new relationships if it reintroduces Jesse Quick.

Of course, the show could always restore her to lớn who she was before by using Cisco’s giải pháp công nghệ khổng lồ get her memories of the original timeline baông xã. Or, The Flash could just have fun with Jesse’s new origin to lớn sover her in a totally different direction. After all, one of the benefits of the Arrowverse getting a reboot in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is that it lets shows make limitless amounts of changes to its existing characters.

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