Within seconds of its opening beats, Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’, “Uptown Funk” is immediately recognizable. Pin Sạc it as a wedding favorite, a feel-good trachồng or your aunty’s go-to lớn for a quiông xã living room boogie, this infectious dance tune is omnipresent in pop culture.

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And it’s one that gets consistently referred to in the sync and production world. Requests for songs that sound like Uptown Funk is a daily occurrence. So we took it to lớn the thử nghiệm khổng lồ explore just how many great tracks we could find with the same vibe, energy và overall funkiness and feel-goodness.

In the spirit of a 1980s funk traông xã, “Uptown Funk” has influences of disteo, soul, and boogie with a modern, slightly electronic element lớn it. It is defined by its slapping bass lines, playful synths, upbeat, swaggy brass và call-and-response verse structure. It’s almost impossible not lớn imagine Prince, The Gap Bvà, or Chaka Khan grooving lớn the tuy nhiên, reminiscent of their times performing on the dance floor, or on Soul Train.

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Using our audio referencing search on our internal catalogue of over 100,000 tracks, we worked hand-in-hand with our AI to lớn curate a groove-worthy, production-ready playdanh sách. And it only took 10 minutes.

Curious? Take a listen lớn our 10-minute AI-generated playdanh mục inspired by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’, “Uptown Funk”, here.

Seed track: Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Official Video) ft. Bruno Mars


Olivia Coleon5 February 2020
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