What are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are notes that are recorded during a meeting. They highlight the key issues that are discussed, motions proposed or voted on, and activities khổng lồ be undertaken. The minutes of a meeting are usually taken by a designated member of the group. Their task is lớn provide an accurate record of what transpired during the meeting.quý khách đã xem: Meeting minutes là gì


Steps Involved in Recording Meeting Minutes

There are five main steps involved in recording the minutes of a meeting. They are:

Pre-planningRecord-takingWriting or transcribing the minutesSharing meeting minutesFiling or storage of minutes for referencing in the future


If a meeting is well-planned in advance, taking minutes will be a lot easier. That said, the chairpersonCEOA CEO, short for Chief Executive Officer, is the highest-ranking individual in a company or organization. The CEO is responsible for the overall success of an organization và for making top-level managerial decisions. Read a job description and the secretary or minutes-recorder should work together to determine the agendomain authority of the meeting beforehand. For example, the person recording minutes could work with the chair lớn draft a document that will serve sầu as an agenda & provide the format for the meeting.

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Meeting Agenda

If it’s not possible for the chair and secretary to meet and come up with a draft, then it’s up to the secretary to lớn get a copy of the agenda before the meeting starts. The meeting agendomain authority will serve as a guide for how khổng lồ take notes and prepare the minutes. In addition, the agenda also includes other details, which need khổng lồ be incorporated in the minutes. They include:

Names of all the members present – includes guests và speakersDocuments that may be handed out as the meeting progresses, such as copies of a danh mục of proposals to be voted on


When an individual is chosen as the minutes recorder, it’s important for them to lớn know what is expected of them. Therefore, the individual should approach the chair of the committee và ask what their role in the meeting will be. For example, if the meeting will involve proposing motionsProxy VoteA Proxy Vote is a delegation of voting authority to a representative sầu on behalf of the original vote-holder. The buổi tiệc ngọt who receives the authority to lớn vote is known as the Proxy và the original vote-holder is known as the Principal. The concept is important in financial markets & particularly with public companies, the designated member should inquire as to lớn whether he should include the names of those proposing motions and those seconding.

What to lớn Include in Meeting Minutes

Before recording any details, a designated minutes recorder should familiarize themselves with the type of information that they should record. A group may be using a specific format to record notes but, overall, the minutes of a meeting typically include the following details:

Date & time the meeting happenedNames of attendees, as well as absent participantsAcceptance of, or amendments made to lớn, the previous meeting’s minutesDecisions made regarding each tòa tháp on the agendomain authority, such as:Activities undertaken or agreed uponNext stepsMotions accepted or rejectedNew businessDate & time of the next meeting

The Process of Writing Meeting Minutes

When the meeting ends, the individual tasked with writing minutes should get all the resources he needs khổng lồ write up the minutes in a clear, presentable way. Here are some tips khổng lồ consider:

Once the meeting ends, don’t take too long lớn write the minutes. This way, everything that took place in the meeting is still fresh in your mind.reviews the outline that had been created earlier & make adjustments where necessary. This might include adding extra information or clarifying some of the issues raised. Also, check khổng lồ see that all verdicts, activities, & motions were clearly recorded.Revise the minutes & ensure they’re brief but clear.

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Distributing the Meeting Minutes

For example, if the minutes recorder was documenting the minutes using Microsoft Word, which does not offer online sharing, then they might consider using Google docs, which offers a way of sharing documents online with other users.

The recorder is also supposed khổng lồ save a copy of the meeting minutes for future reference. Most companies store their minutes online – either in Google Docs or OneDrive.

Key Takeaway

Meeting minutes are important because they are used to lớn document the key issues raised during a meeting. For example, effective sầu minutes can state the approaches that were proposed lớn solve a particular problem and the main reason why members choose one method over the other.

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