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The wire array geometry was identical to that of the small-radius array, except 24 wires were mounted at a radius of only 5 mm.
At times the camera was mounted on moving surfaces, such as trains, trams, ships, or even the subway.
Over the past two decades, evidence supporting a continuum between oral & written language impairments has continued to lớn mount.
In the kiến thiết of shadow system, an ultra-precision rotary optical encoder is mated with ultra-precision bearings mounted at the revolute joint pair.
This developing sense of self increasingly helps the child lớn mount an organized response to lớn stimuli, especially challenging stimuli.
The specimen is rather damaged và as one wing was badly broken it was removed and mounted for pinning below the insect.
Instead, movements must mount their challenges in particular conflictive sầu environments structured by existing social relations, usually unfavourable lớn their cause.
Moreover, the combined dispersion of the two gratings is zero, since they are mounted in the subtractive sầu dispersion.
That said, the stele, a piece of blaông xã hoa cương, about 4 high and 2 across, mounted on a 2 high square base, was unveiled.
The micro-rover provides the mounting platsize for the scientific instrument package (remote sensing instruments) while each mole carries a sensor head lớn the laser-based instruments.
The strength and velocity of the shock wave sầu were measured with piezoelectric pressure transducers that were flush mounted on the shock-tube walls.
The antennae are almost parallel-sided, và twice as long as their diameter, mounted on small papillae within clear, circular areas of cuticle.

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