Pakistani-American Super Hero Kamala Khan protects the streets of Jersey City with her one-of-a-kind embiggening power.Quý Khách vẫn xem: Ms marvel là ai

A Pakistani-American growing up in Jersey City, Kamala Khan idolized Super Heroes lượt thích Captain, never dreaming she’d have sầu the opportunity to lớn join her role models in safeguarding society from the forces of evil. With an Inhuman ability khổng lồ alter shape and form size, the newest Ms. employs an idealistic attitude as much as any power to lớn make the world a better place.

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Jersey Girl


When Blachồng Bolt of the Inhumans released the Terrigene Mist into Earth’s atmosphere, transforming and empowering several latent members of the super-powered race, even the silent monarch could not have sầu guessed the effect his actions would have on teenager Kamala Khan—or in turn, how Kamala would affect the world around her. Prior lớn her metamorphosis, the Muslyên American youth dealternative text with problems like balancing her family’s religious and spiritual beliefs with the society she lived in, not khổng lồ mention fitting in at school và other typical problems facing a girl her age.

Upon having her Inhumanity awakened and discovering she could now extkết thúc her limbs, alter her appearance, và shift shape in other manners, Kamala immediately crafted a costumed identity in line with her heroes. Choosing lớn become part of Captain’s legacy, the youngster adopted the discarded Ms. name, & with the help of her friend—và unrequited crush—Bruno Carrelli, a tech wizard in his own right, dedicated herself to lớn cleaning up the criminal element of Jersey City.


In the course of becoming a local nhân vật, Khan would encounter various peers in the super-powered community, always with enthusiasm và unbridled joy. Early team-ups for Ms. included the mutant Wolverine, her fellow Inhumans, &, in a landmark moment for the burgeoning crusader, Captain herself, who happily endorsed her young protégée. Of course, with the good comes the bad, và during Kamala’s tenure protecting her home, she has butted heads with the likes of new threats such as the human/bird hybrid The Inventor và a Hydra sect operating subversively out of Jersey City.


Big và Tall


As Ms., Kamala has gained the ability khổng lồ extkết thúc her limbs, alter her appearance, and shift shape in several other manners. She first uses these powers unconsciously upon emerging from her Terrigenesis cocoon looking like her role model, Carol Danvers, the current Captain Once she gained more control over her gifts, the rookie do-gooder develops trademark moves like enlarging her fists, as she utters her de fackhổng lồ battle cry, “Embiggen!”


Early on in her exploits, Khan also uncovers the ability to lớn heal from any injury by transforming baông chồng from her empowered size khổng lồ Kamala. This trick comes in handy when, visiting Bruno at the Circle Q where he works, she instinctively takes a bullet from a burglar for her best friend. Reverting lớn her base appearance after the incident, the teen finds herself fully physically recovered. Other skills possessed by Ms. include the fight training she picks up from a diverse array of teachers—including Inhumans & Avengers—plus her keen mind và natural leadership ability.

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Jerks in Jersey


The first Super Villain Kamala clashes with comes in the bizarre size of The Inventor, an attempt by a local scientist to lớn clone Thomas Edison that goes awry when his pet cockatiel enters the mix, resulting in a monstrous creature with a mad, but brilliant brain. Ms. runs afoul of her avian adversary when he uses his killer robots & genetically-augmented alligators to wreak havoc on Jersey City, while also preying on the community’s teenage population by targeting their low feelings of self-worth and encouraging them khổng lồ commit crimes.


Kamala’s next conundrum hits closer to lớn trang chính in the khung of Kamran, a family friover on whom she develops a crush and feels even closer to after learning he too possesses Inhuman abilities. Unfortunately, after colliding with the terrorist Kaboom, our hero discovers her would-be boyfriover belongs to the same sinister sect as the exploding villain, with both taking orders from the loathsome Lineage. Ms. chooses her head over her heart và foils these new foes—including Kamran—from an attempted coup against Queen Medusa.

The hordes of Hydra harass Jersey City in a unique fashion when the seemingly benign Hope Yards development group attempts khổng lồ gentrify the area, & employ unauthorized endorsements from Ms. as part of their campaign! The every-girl Avenger attempts to lớn rally her allies, but cđại bại friover Nacơ turns against her heroic alter-ego due lớn the machinations, while the bad guys brainwash Bruno, who already emotionally gut-punched Kamala by entering a relationship with Michaela “Mike” Miller. Ultimately, Ms. makes an ally of Mike và the two young women managed to lớn foil Hydra boss Doctor Faustus, saving Bruno và winning baông chồng Nakia’s trust, though the rest of Jersey City continues to lớn look at their champion skeptically in the fallout.


Powerful Pals


A watershed period in the nascent career of Ms. occurs when she received an invitation lớn join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes & become one of the Avengers, alongside legends such as Iron Man, Captain America, và Vision. Bringing new blood lớn the team with fellow rookies Nova & Spider-Man, plus the lademo incarnation of Thor, Kamala’s optimism & enthusiasm buoys the legendary group through wars with Kang & other top-level villains.

However, Ms.’s tenure with the top team turns out to be shockingly short, as she, along with Nova & Spider-Man, would split with the Avengers over philosophical differences—specifically the youthful contingent feeling their elder counterparts ignored small scale situations that slipped through the cracks. Alongside the Amadues Cho AKA the Totally Awesome Hulk, an incarnation of the X-Man Cyclops, and Vision’s daring daughter Viv, the trio composes the Champions, và dedicates themselves to lớn helping the helpless.


But no relationship comes more complex than the “will they or won’t they” saga of Kamala and Bruno. Best buddies from a young age, each has had interest in the other romantically, but obstacles in the form of their differing backgrounds—not khổng lồ mention other guys & girls getting in the way—have kept them just friends.

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