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Grazi 7 describes fully the major issues concerning the interface of fertility medicine và religion in the lives of contemporary halakhically observant couples.
The service providers we interviewed described social isolation amuốn their clients & their own professional role in some considerable và observant detail.
The current policy, whilst expanding the number of contracts characterised by uncertainty, is not consistently observant of the need khổng lồ establish & maintain favourable post-contractual power relations.
The results of a large and complex set of computations are thus presented in a way that brings the skills of an observant experimenter to lớn the development of mathematical theory.
For the individual in pain và under threat, or during recovery, who expressed pain in the presence of observant allies, help and protection rendered could be crucial for survival.
Molteno has created a character who is so observant, empathetic và life-enhancing, that one can forgive the self-absorption of a narrative that focuses so intensely on her inner state.
There are several examples of cases where they could have prevented fraud if they had been just a little observant.
Any observant student of our economic life cannot fail to be impressed with the seriousness of the situation.
Ordinary members of the public must become far more vigilant, observant and suspicious & not simply mind their own business.
The boys have sầu become more observant & have proved their superiority over older boys who have not had the advantage of this training.
At every site it was found that the elderly were more observant of the signals than were other adults.
Those who have sầu been sufficiently observant have sầu noticed my somewhat eccentric behaviour during the evening.

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to put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve sầu (= wire net shaped like a bowl) to lớn break up large pieces

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