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Bạn đang xem: Obsolete là gì

not in general use any more, having been replaced by something newer và better or more fashionable:
become/be rendered obsolete Traditional retailing is in danger of being rendered obsolete by the internet.
The paradigm of staple food self-sufficiency that has been the cornerstone of agricultural policy in most developing countries becomes increasingly obsolete with economic growth.
Equally, it refers khổng lồ the availability of appropriate devices, as rapid technological change soon makes systems obsolete and manufacturers discontinue production.
With the sovietisation of their neighbours, the justification for annexations as liberation from imperiadanh mục oppression became obsolete.
But the very nature of electroacoustic composition & the various computational processes, their range and their refinement, usually render traditional analytic methods obsolete và unusable.
One effect of the crises of the 1970s was to lớn render obsolete many of the assumptions that had been unchallengeable only a few years earlier.
Training was costly, time-consuming và inherently risky, since a new skill could quickly become obsolete or fail to lớn attract sufficient work lớn merit the investment.
While he concedes "undoubted musical qualities", he finds that the libretkhổng lồ renders the opera obsolete, no longer acceptable.
He consolidated và clarified a host of statutes, abolished obsolete offences, made significant procedural changes, và introduced a professional police force.
Is banding of the pulmonary trunk obsolete for infants with tricuspid atresia và double inlet ventricle with a discordant ventriculoartenal connection?
There is little reason lớn fear, then, that globalization will destroy all attempts at regulating the operations of capitamenu economies, or render comparative sầu politics obsolete.

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Similarly, one comparative disadvantage of local shoe production is the use of manual methods and obsolete technologies.
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