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That string is also vibrating up & down -- creating wiggles are that are perpendicular to lớn the direction the string is traveling.
Instead, nature painted the big cat with parallel stripes, evenly spaced and perpendicular khổng lồ the spine.
The researchers applied bít tất tay perpendicular khổng lồ the direction of shear & then applied forces to shear the ground quartz.
Since the magnetic field and the current are perpendicular, this is easy khổng lồ calculate the magnitude of the force.
Because of the chamber"s shape, however, the interference reshaped the light inkhổng lồ a helix, và sent it "upward", perpendicular lớn the ring.
The answer is khổng lồ make the acceleration perpendicular khổng lồ the velothành phố of the person so that the person moves in a circle.
Once locked in, the system takes over steering lớn parallel park the vehicle or reverse inkhổng lồ a perpendicular spot.
Most of the planets in the solar system have sầu an axis of rotation that is perpendicular khổng lồ their orbital axis.
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a family unit that includes grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, and uncles, etc. in addition to parents and children

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