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Recent legislation requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to present economic evaluations when requesting reimbursement decisions will probably have an important impact in the future.
Unlike pharmaceutical products, new interventional procedures may start to disseminate with little published evidence (1).
Unlike pharmaceuticals, and apart from the giants mentioned above, the industry is highly fragmented, consisting of numerous small niche markets with a few products only.
The report recommended that, in principle, economic analysis should be pursued for all pharmaceuticals, but only simple price comparisons should be undertaken for generic medicines.
Danish health authorities have now decided to introduce economic evaluation of new pharmaceutical products on a voluntary basis for 2 or 3 years.
Recently, legislation requiring presentation of economic evaluations for new pharmaceutical products was enacted.
Nurses perhaps need to grasp this opportunity to recognise the influences of the pharmaceutical industry, and reflect and evaluate the ethics of their actions.
Such auditing is consistent with the standards followed by the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of regulatory files.
One therapeutic area that is particulary prone to an increased consumption of high-cost pharmaceuticals is oncology.
The powerful influence of pharmaceutical companies on doctor"s prescribing, on hospital purchasing, and on government policy is the most prominent example.
In primary care, general practitioners relied heavily on evidence provided by manufacturers, mainly pharmaceutical companies.

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