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Some, like dulse, could be eaten fresh from the sea, but others, lượt thích badderlock, a seaweed used mainly for its stalk, were first cooked.
Rainwater drained from the hut roofs inkhổng lồ tanks was sometimes tainted with salt and fragments of seaweed after gales.
Constraints on chemically mediated coevolution - multiple functions for seaweed secondary metabolites.
Foliar-applied seaweed và fish powder vì chưng not improve yield and fruit quality of organically grown processing tomatoes.
It can be very productive sầu, but it is a fragile landscape which requires manuring with animal dung & seaweed khổng lồ grow crops.
The commoner fishes are well illustrated, và there is a reasonable summary of the invertebrate animal groups and seaweeds.
The results suggest that the commonly recommended use of seaweed extract for organic pasture management can be detrimental to biomass production unless sufficient nitrogen is provided.
It would be uneconomic to collect seaweed on any large scale & process it for agricultural purposes.
For instance, the difficulties in managing highly migratory species such as tuna are completely different from those for harvesting seaweed or some species of shellfish.
It encourages something known as eutrophy, which is different from atrophy: it means that everything grows more vigorously, including seaweed.
To this should be added the development of natural resources such as peat, seaweed, minerals, và water power—at present virtually untapped.

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