What Makes the Shirasaya Different from the Shikomizue?

The Shirasaya is a featureless Saya or scabbard, while the Shikomizue is a concealed sword disguised as a cane. The former protects the blade while the latter conceals it for self-defense purposes.

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A lot of people assume that Shirasaya & Shikomizue are the same. However, these are two different things; in fact, these also have sầu varying characteristics.

Characteristics of the Shirasaya & Shikomizue

Since the Shirasaya was designed to lớn protect the blade, it was a plain piece of wood. The material used to lớn produce it was Honoki wood, a type of Japanese magnolia. It effectively prevents air và moisture from entering while allowing the blade to lớn breathe.


The Shikomizue, on the other hvà, had ornaments sometimes appear like a walking cane. Others had plain wooden mountings to lớn make these look like a walking stiông xã.

Functions of the Shirasaya & Shikomizue

The Shirasaya was made to store the Nihonto for extended periods. It was believed to lớn be invented during the Evì period since this was when carrying swords was prohibited. Because of that, there was no combat & warfare, so the Nihonlớn did not have sầu any purpose.

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Unlike the Koshirae, which was the Saya used for combat, the Shirasaya was not suitable for battles. It was because the air-tight fit of the Shirasaya didn’t allow for the wielder lớn easily unsheathe the sword.


The Shikomizue had another purpose. As mentioned, this concealed sword appeared like a cane or walking stiông chồng, so it was effective for self-defense. Its mounting was also used khổng lồ hide other weapons like chains, hooks, và smoke bombs.

When using the Shikomizue, the wielder would pull the handle from the Saya khổng lồ reveal the medium-length blade. The wielder would then persize slashing or piercing thrust attacks. It was one of the igiảm giá weapons for combat in closed quarters.

What Type of Wood Was Used for Making the Shirasaya?

Honoki is the type of wood used for creating the Shirasaya, and it is a Japanese magnolia. This material has excellent qualities such as durability and high resistance.

Honoki wood was utilized for the Shirasaya since it’s the best material lớn keep a Nihonkhổng lồ safe & protected.

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