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Rather, the large attendance & emotional " success " of such funerals shrouds the death"s shameful character.
They help us to lớn contextualize in vivid detail a life shrouded in hearsay, myth, và outright propagandomain authority.
Despite the promise of embryonic stem cell retìm kiếm using cloned embryos, challenging social, political, and legal questions have sầu shrouded that issue with controversy.
The nature of the evolution of local schemes to lớn develop advanced levels of practice is often complex & shrouded in historical & political conflict.
The policy process was shrouded in secrecy and this sometimes led lớn struggles between politicians và civil servants, the ultimate implementers of government programmes.
She sets out khổng lồ illuminate the side of nature which is defined by being perpetually shrouded in darkness.
In the meantime, the precise contours of their relationship remains, lượt thích everything else in this poem, shrouded from view.
Although a clear definitional distinction can be made between shreading, shredding or shrouding and pollarding, we cannot be certain that the authors used the two terms consistently.
A not uncommon misconception about jazz is that players extemporise their music out of nothingness, that jazz improvisation is unbounded by recognisable rules, a sonic expatiation shrouded in mystery.
Cotton & agave sầu fibers và at least two other tentatively identified fiber types are associated with the interments và represent clothing, burial shrouds, & personal accoutrements.
Although virulent clonal groups arise, diversify & decay throughout the years through genetic recombination, immune selection & mutation <15, 18, 24, 39, 40>, the dynamics of meningococcal carriage remains shrouded.

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The burning of the cooperative building is still shrouded in mystery, but some people believe that the building was torched by guerrillas who regarded cooperatives as symbols of colonial exploitation.
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