Like the Infiinty Stones themselves, writer & artist Jlặng Starlin scattered Thanos throughout different Marvel comics when he first started working for the comics giant in the 1970s. While Starlin said he always had gr& plans for Thanos, Marvel’s ultimate villain started out as a bit player in the pages of Iron Man #55.quý khách sẽ xem: Spoil kết thúc game là gì

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Through the “70s and “80s, Thanos rose through the ranks of Marvel villains thanks lớn Starlin, hitting a peak with the Infinity Gauntlet maxi-series in 1991. But he was never as popular as he is now. With the release of AvengersEndgameInfinity War before it, Thanos has become a household name, “this generation’s Darth Vader,” according khổng lồ the author. This week, WIRE spoke with Starlin about the evolution of Thanos in the MCU, what he thought about Endgame, và what could be next beyond Phase 4.

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**Spoiler Warning: There are light spoilers for Avengers: Endgame below**


Iron Man #55 (Written by Jlặng Starlin, Mike Friedrich, Art by Starlin)

Right before you went in lớn see the movie you said you were most looking forward khổng lồ seeing how Thanos ends (is killed). Were you satisfied with how that all went down?

I was wondering how they were going khổng lồ vì chưng it. I was very pleased. There are a lot of possibilities, and I thought they did a good job. They way they did it was quite satisfying. I loved the movie. I thought it was better than Infinity War, actually. It”s much more spectacular & much more of an emotional roller coaster, and that”s saying something on the latter part, especially after Gamora”s demise .


Thanos post-credits scene in Avengers (Courtesy Photo lớn / Marvel Studios)

Can you talk a bit about Thanos’ development throughout the MCU movies, starting in 2010?

In many ways, his on-screen time was very much like that in the comics in that he was kind of inactive sầu lớn begin with & became more active as he progressed along. I thought that was in staying with the original. Like I”ve said, only an idiot figures that someone will adapt a multimillion-dollar movie inkhổng lồ exactly what they put down on paper.

But I”ve been pleasantly surprised. The screenwriters và directors were very open with me about what their plans were when we visited the mix. (Starlin makes a cameo in the first third of the film.) They didn”t reveal everything, of course, & the film was a thrill for me in many ways. But what happens with the other characters is something that is fascinating, heartbreaking, exhilaration, & I feel that Chris Hemsworth steals the show in this movie. It”s a fun ride from start to lớn finish, và it”s amazing how much humor they were able to lớn work into this movie.

Thanos Concept art by Andy Park (via Facebook)

Did they get Thanos right?

Yes, it’s a different character in some ways, but not that many. A lot of the gentler moments he had in the movies are right from the comics. He và Gamora have sầu always had a very tight, unusual and complicated relationship. That part of Thanos adopting her after decimating her planet is straight out of the comic books.

Nebula, on the other h&, that relationship is sort of different. In the comics she”s supposed to be his actual daughter, but the writer that wrote that story didn’t understvà that someone who loves death would never procreate. So when I got on Infinity Gauntlet, I’m afraid I treated her very badly based on her being an actual blood relative.

Can you recount first working Thanos và bringing hyên into lớn Marvel Comics? I had read that you originally based the character on DC Comics” Metron, but Marvel EIC Roy Thomas told you lớn bulk up that early versions of the character.

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Yeah, that was a real simple conversation with Roy, because Marvel was expanding their line of books at the time. George Tuska, who was the regular artist on Iron Man, had lớn go in for surgery, so they needed an artist to fill in for a few issues while he was away. Mike Friedrichs & I came in and I had a plot I had in my head. On the sidelines, I had been working up sort of a Thanos story, and it actually did involve sầu Iron Man. So I was able lớn grab a few of those pages and work it inlớn the story.

Roy và I talked it over for five sầu minutes & I showed hlặng the pieces you may have seen around with hyên ổn looking very much like Metron. And that’s when he told me to lớn bulk hlặng up. I had gone to lớn a psych class before I ever made it to lớn New York & a guest lecturer started talking about Thanatos & Eros và the darker side of human nature, & naturally I was attracted to the darker side. So even before I arrived at Marvel, I was working up drawings of Thanos, & he was part of my portfolio coming in.

Are there any favorite characters that you’d like lớn see enter the MCU after Endgame?

I have my fingers crossed for Pip the Troll . He’s one of my favorites. But I just heard they’re planning a Shang Chi movie . My babies are slowly working their way into the mainstream, so now all I have lớn vì is get Dreadstarr out there.


What are your thoughts on the progression of superanh hùng movies?

When I started bachồng in comic books in the 1970s, we in comics could blow the movies out of the water with what we were able lớn portray. I could sit down and do a fleet of spaceships filling the page, và the movies weren’t capable of doing that without strings bumping into each other.

Now I could work for a year & not put anything as complicated down on the page as what they vì chưng with computers in one frame. Movies have made it almost impossible khổng lồ make it more spectacularly than what they’ve sầu done. That’s why I’m working as a writer mostly these days.

Are you drawing at all?


I don’t see them letting up, because it’s basically printing money for them. There’s a whole universe of stuff they haven’t even touched yet. I have faith that somewhere down the line that Thanos will return, because he’s basically the Darth Vader of this particular decade. It’s kind of strange. Thanos và I were cult characters who would show up occasionally, and we sold well enough of that, and now we’ve both been pushed inlớn areas that are a little strange. He’s become a pop culture inhỏ, and I get a lot more phone calls to lớn do personal appearances than I did before.

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