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‘Got a photo with hyên and he signed my book. Squee!’‘He"s showing up next week; squee!’‘So now we"ve got that out of the way: Squee!’‘I was excited as anything to lớn see Dragon"s bình luận above - squee!’‘She"s considering recording a new album (double squee) và feels it would be easier to bởi so if she were permanently in one place for a while.’‘The concept is pretty much taken straight from my daydreams & it focuses on a librarian (squee!).’‘Btw- my wonderful brother gave sầu me your Cookbook for Christmas - squee!’‘At least the misery is lessened a bit by the kitten picture (SQUEE!).’‘Here"s the NASA TV liên kết (I get to lớn ask the very first question, squee!)’‘Squee! Received very nice gmail from a favorite author!’‘FYI - I"ll be in Dublin, Ireland (squee!) between Jan 25 and 31, so I"ll be offline.’‘Squee! Check out this kitty!’

verbsquees, squeeing, squeed


Squeal in delight or excitement.

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‘I squeed like a 14-year-old fangirl when I found out’‘Not an easy feat but one rewarded with much happy squeeing!’‘The sister just ran inlớn my room, clapped me on the face, & ran out again squeeing.’‘Much khổng lồ my own surprise I actually squeed a little & then got all excited.’‘I squeed with pleasure.’‘I squeed so much the cát looked alarmed.’‘Oh lordy, I kind of squeed when the theme music played.’‘We squeed in delight, because it"s the show that we always dreamed about when we watched TV bachồng in 2005.’‘Videos of celebrities on Sesame Street never cease lớn make me squee.’‘Discovering this festival actually made me squee in delight.’‘This case is classy enough for the board room and geeky enough khổng lồ make your convention contacts squee gleefully.’‘Quality fanfic that makes me fall in love with the characters all over again, makes me squee and giggle and gmail everyone I can think of who"d lượt thích it too.’‘Hendrix knows how to lớn make a film người squee with joy with a synopsis.’‘I"ve sầu been reading your lovely blog for years, và I may have dropped a bình luận or two in the past (probably to squee about "Gavin và Stacey" or contribute to lớn lengthy mascara debates).’‘Those chairs are there for moms and bridesmsida lớn sit on & SQUEE when the bride-to-be emerges from the dressing room.’



A cry of delight or excitement.

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‘if they hadn"t been in a meeting she would have sầu let out a squee of delight’‘There we were waiting for the 45-minute gig - insert squee here - when they broke the bad news khổng lồ us: Barrowman was going to bởi the questioning.’‘The Making of Mama Mia is a three-part featurette including an interview with head Abba lyricist Bjorn Ulvaeus (cue Mindy squee).’‘I had a giant squee reaction to both of my countries of citizenship getting something right in the same week.’‘One half says: "Oooh, another Star Wars movie" with a "squee", the other is cynical & a little bit fearful of more damage to lớn a respected brand.’‘I can keep my girlish squees to lớn a minimum.’‘Everyone loved his first episode for Doctor Who and when word leaked he was writing another one, the squees pretty much deafened me.’

Mid 19th century (representing a high-pitched sound made by an animal or musical instrument): imitative. Compare squeal and squeak.

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