an instruction to lớn a ngân hàng lớn pay a particular amount of money at regular times from a person"s ngân hàng trương mục lớn another ngân hàng account

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an instruction to lớn a bank lớn pay a particular amount of money at regular times from a person"s bank trương mục to another ngân hàng account:
phối up a standing order (from sth khổng lồ sth) One of the secrets of successful saving is lớn mix up a standing order from your current trương mục to a deposit trương mục.
an arrangement by which a person or a company regularly sends an agreed quantity of goods khổng lồ a customer or performs agreed services for a customer without the customer having lớn place an order each time:
The chairman claimed that any action he had taken was in keeping with the standing orders of a council meeting .
That in itself might be a problem, said area printers, although some said a lachồng of specifics could be explained if the auditor had standing orders renewed regularly.
The chef of a certain hotel noted for planked whitefish gave a standing order for fish of a certain form size.
The law against baptizing (other than by the standing order) was simply a fine for every such baptism.
These things have sầu not been referred to; they have not been confessed; they have not been apologized for, on the part of the standing order.
And this had not been his first transgression: he was known as an active and intemperate rebel against the standing order.
Only an iron discipline that knew neither charity nor tolerance could have successfully resisted the attacks on the standing order.





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