stiff stiff (stĭf) adjectivestiffer, stiffest1. Difficult lớn bend; rigid. 2. a. Not moving or operating easily or freely; resistant: a stiff hinge. b. Lacking ease or comfort of movement; not limber: a stiff nechồng.3. Drawn tightly; taut. 4. a. Rigidly formal. b. Lacking ease or grace.5. Not liquid, loose, or fluid; thick: stiff dough. 6. Firm, as in purpose; resolute. 7. Having a svào, swift, steady force or movement: a stiff current; a stiff breeze. 8. Potent or strong: a stiff drink. 9. Difficult, laborious, or arduous: a stiff hike; a stiff examination. 10. Difficult lớn comprehkết thúc or accept; harsh or severe: a stiff penalty. 11. Excessively high: a stiff price. 12. Nautical. Not heeling over much in spite of great wind or the press of the sail. adverb1. In a stiff manner: frozen stiff. 2. To a complete extent; totally: bored stiff. nounSlang.1. A corpse. 2. A person regarded as constrained, priggish, or overly formal. 3. A drunk. 4. A person: a lucky stiff; just an ordinary working stiff. 5. A hobo; a tramp. 6. A person who tips poorly. verb, transitivestiffed, stiffing, stiffsSlang.1. To tip (someone) inadequately or not at all, as for a service rendered: paid the dinner kiểm tra but stiffed the waiter. 2. a. To cheat (someone) of something owed: My roommate stiffed me out of last month"s rent. b. To fail lớn give or supply (something expected or promised). stiffʹish adjective stiffʹly adverb stiffʹness nounSynonyms: stiff, rigid, inflexible, inelastic, tense. These adjectives are compared as they describe what is very firm và does not easily bend or give sầu way. Stiff, the least specific, refers to what can be flexed only with difficulty (a brush with stiff bristles; a stiff collar); with reference to persons it often suggests a lachồng of ease, cold formality, or fixity, as of purpose: "stiff in opinions" (John Dryden). Rigid and inflexible apply khổng lồ what cannot be bent without damage or deformation (a table made of rigid plastic; an inflexible knife blade); figuratively they describe what does not relent or yield: "under the dictates of a rigid disciplinarian" (Thomas B. Aldrich). "In religion the law is written, & inflexible, never to vị evil" (Oliver Goldsmith). Inelastic refers largely to lớn what lacks elastiđô thị and so will not stretch & spring back without marked physical change: an inelastic substance. Tense means stretched tight; it is applied literally khổng lồ toàn thân structures such as muscles and figuratively khổng lồ what is marked by tautness or strain: "that tense moment of expectation" (Arnold Bennett).

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stiffstiff(adj) rigid, firm, inflexible, unbending, unbendable, taut, hard, unyielding, solidantonym: limpaching, painful, sore, arthritic, tender severe, drastic, stringent, excessive sầu (disapproving), extreme, steep (informal), harshantonym: lenientdemanding, exacting, arduous, testing, tough, laborious, rigorous, difficult, taxingantonym: easystrong, powerful, robust, intense, vigorousantonym: weakformal, stuffy, standoffish, aloof, stilted, wooden, pompousantonym: relaxedstiff(n) body, dead toàn thân, corpse, cadaver, goner (slang), carcass person, body toàn thân (informal), soul, individual, guy (informal), bod (slang)
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