*danh từ
 sự nuốt
 miếng, ngụm
 to take a swallow of beer
 uống một ngụm bia
 (động vật học) chim nhạn
 one swallow does not make a summer
 (tục ngữ) một con én không làm nên mùa xuân
*ngoại động từ
 nuốt (thức ăn)
 Taking pills is easy; just put them in your mouth and swallow
 uống thuốc viên dễ thôi; chỉ việc cho thuốc vào mồm rồi nuốt
 chew your food properly before swallowing
 nhai kỹ thức ăn, rồi hẳn nuốt
 nuốt, nén, chịu đựng, không biểu hiện công khai (một cảm xúc..); chấp nhận (một lời chửi rủa..) không phản đối
 to swallow one"s anger
 nuốt giận
 to swallow an affront
 chịu nhục
 She called you a liar. Are you going to swallow that?
 Cô ấy gọi anh là đồ dóc láo. Thế mà anh nhịn được sao?
 (to swallow something / somebody up) nuốt gọn; nuốt chửng
 the jungle swallowed up the explorers
 rừng rậm đã nuốt chửng các nhà thám hiểm
 small firms being swallowed up by giant corporations
 các hãng nhỏ bị các công ty khổng lồ nuốt chửng
 dùng hết hoàn toàn
 the cost of the trial swallowed up all their savings
 phí tổn cho vụ xét xử đã ngốn hết tiền tiết kiệm của họ
 cả tin, tin (cái gì) quá dễ dàng
 He flatters her outrageously, and she swallows it whole
 Nó nịnh hót bà ta một cách quá đáng, nhưng bà ta vẫn tin tất thảy
 a bitter pill to swallow
 xem bitter
 to swallow the bait
 chấp nhận cái gì đã được nói, đề nghị... để nhử ai; cắn câu
 to swallow one"s words
 thừa nhận mình đã nói sai
 He told me I wouldn"t pass the test, but I"m determined to make him swallow his words
 Nó nói là tôi sẽ không qua được cuộc sát hạch, nhưng tôi quyết làm cho nó thừa nhận là nó đã nói sai

swallow Australian Slang from Babilon accept without question or suspicion: "He"ll never swallow that"
Kết hợp từ & Cấu trúc câu
swallown.act of swallowing
to take a swallow
Từ điển Đồng nghĩa
swallow▸ verb1
she couldn"t swallow anything: EAT, gulp down, consume, devour, put away; ingest, assimilate; drink, guzzle, quaff, imbibe, sup, slug; informal polish off, swig, swill, down; Brit.informal scoff.

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2I can"t swallow any more of your insults: TOLERATE, endure, stand, put up with, bear, abide, countenance, stomach, take, accept; informal hack; Brit.informal stick; formal brook.3he swallowed my story: BELIEVE, credit, accept, trust; informal fall for, buy, go for, {swallow hook, line, and sinker}.4she swallowed her pride: RESTRAIN, repress, suppress, hold back, fight back; overcome, check, control, curb, rein in; silence, muffle, stifle, smother, hide, bottle up; informal keep a/the lid on.Phrases■ swallow someone/something up1the darkness swallowed them up: ENGULF, swamp, devour, overwhelm, overcome.2the colleges were swallowed up by universities: TAKE OVER, engulf, absorb, assimilate, incorporate.
■ nuốt
swallow float
■ đồng hồ thủy
swallow hole
■ hố sụt hình phễu
swallow hole
■ phễu cactơ
swallow holes
■ luống răng lược (ở miền đá vôi)
swallow tail
■ mộng gỗ đuôi én

* danh từ - (động vật học) chim nhạn . one swallow does not make a summer - một con nhan không làm nên mùa xuân* danh từ - sự nuốt - miếng, ngụm - cổ họng* ngoại động từ - nuốt (thức ăn) - nuốt, chịu đựng to swallow one"s anger ~ nuốt giận to swallow an affront ~ chịu nhục - nuốt, rút (lời) to swallow one"s words ~ nuốt lời - cả tin, tin ngay to swallow will anything you tell him ~ anh nói gì hắn cũng tin . the expenses more than swallow up the earnings - thu chẳng đủ chi
■ verb 1》 cause or allow (food, drink, etc.) to pass down the throat. ⁃ make a similar movement of the throat, especially through fear or nervousness. 2》 take in and cause to disappear; engulf. 3》 put up with or meekly accept. ⁃ resist expressing: he swallowed his pride. 4》 believe (an untrue or unlikely statement) unquestioningly. ■ noun an act of swallowing something. Derivativesswallowableadjective swallowernoun OriginOE swelgan, of Gmc origin. ————————swallow2■ noun a migratory swift-flying insectivorous songbird with a forked tail. OriginOE swealwe, of Gmc origin.
noun1. a small amount of liquid food ( Freq. 3)- a sup of ale • Syn: sup• Derivationally related forms: sup (for: sup ) Hypernyms: taste , mouthful2. the act of swallowing ( Freq. 1)- one swallow of the liquid was enough- he took a drink of his beer and smacked his lips • Syn: drink , deglutition• Derivationally related forms: drink (for: drink ) Hypernyms: consumption , ingestion , intake , uptake Hyponyms: aerophagia , gulp , draft , draught , swig , sip3.

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small long-winged songbird noted for swift graceful flight and the regularity of its migrations Hypernyms: oscine , oscine bird Hyponyms:barn swallow , chimney swallow , Hirundo rustica , cliff swallow , Hirundo pyrrhonota , tree swallow , tree martin , Hirundo nigricans , white-bellied swallow , Iridoprocne bicolor , martinII verb1. pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking ( Freq. 12)- Swallow the raw fish--it won"t kill you! • Syn: get down • Hypernyms: consume , ingest , take in , take , have Hyponyms: bolt• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something- They swallow more bread2. engulf and destroy ( Freq. 4)- The Nazis swallowed the Baltic countries • Hypernyms: demolish , destroy• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something- Somebody ----s somebody- Something ----s somebody- Something ----s something3. enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing ( Freq. 2)- The huge waves swallowed the small boat and it sank shortly thereafter • Syn: immerse , swallow up , bury , eat up • Hypernyms: enclose , close in , inclose , shut in• Verb Frames:- Something ----s somebody- Something ----s something4. utter indistinctly- She swallowed the last words of her speech • Hypernyms: talk , speak , utter , mouth , verbalize , verbalise• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something5. take back what one has said- He swallowed his words • Syn: take back , unsay , withdraw• Derivationally related forms: withdrawal (for: withdraw ) Hypernyms: disown , renounce , repudiate• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something6. keep from expressing- I swallowed my anger and kept quiet • Hypernyms: suppress , repress• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something7. tolerate or accommodate oneself to- I shall have to accept these unpleasant working conditions- I swallowed the insult- She has learned to live with her husband"s little idiosyncrasies • Syn: accept , live with• Derivationally related forms: acceptance (for: accept ) Hypernyms:digest , endure , stick out , stomach , bear , stand , tolerate , support , brook , abide , suffer , put up• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something8. believe or accept without questioning or challenge- Am I supposed to swallow that story? • Hypernyms: believe• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something- Somebody ----s that CLAUSE
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