Offbeat alien Taneleer Tivan seeks both objects & living creatures that he finds of interest for his massive sầu collection, including unwilling participants và dangerous weapons.

As an Elder of the Universe, the Collector has spent millennia acquiring the greachạy thử prizes across the universe & is obsessed with his ever-growing collection. But he has a higher purpose: preserving the future from ultimate destruction.Quý khách hàng đã xem: The collector marvel là ai

Nothing can deter hyên from his goal, and no one—not even the mighty Avengers—can stop the Collector from seizing his coveted artifacts.

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Elder of the Universe

Taneleer Tivan, also known as the Collector, is one of the Elders of the Universe—a group of ancient & powerful extraterrestrials that arose following the formation of all things. The Elders have lived longer than almost anyone else in the universe; their life forces sustained mainly by their monomaniacal obsessions with select pursuits. The Collector is obsessed with collecting items ranging from mystical artifacts and technological devices to lớn animals và even entire civilizations.

Though little is known of his early life or his long-dead native sầu race, the Collector did have sầu a family—a wife và daughter, Matani & Carina. He also had a clear motivation in life: to lớn collect artifacts & specimens of every race to preserve sầu the future. This motivation stemmed from his gift of prophecy, which foresaw coming threats to lớn all life in the universe, including the Mad Tirã Thanos who sought to lớn destroy the universe.

Fascinated by other races, cultures, and technologies, the Collector acquired and stored samples of these things in order khổng lồ preserve sầu them from the disasters he foresaw. He pursued this mission for countless years, until it became an obsession—his original motivation all but forgotten. Lacking her husband’s obsessive sầu drive, Matani gradually lost the will to live once she had finished raising their daughter; she finally died of apathy roughly three billion years ago. Mourning her, the Collector sank deeper inkhổng lồ his obsession và continued to exp& his collection.


Throughout his existence, he has amassed an immeasurable collection spread across many locations on many worlds, filling his countless private museums & zoos & his huge personal spacecraft with objects and entities he regards as interesting, chất lượng, or admirable. Utterly ruthless & implacable in pursuit of his goals, he has had no qualms about imprisoning or even killing for the betterment of his collection.

More than Mortal

In either of his two physical forms, the Collector is an immortal capable of manipulating cosmic energies. In his traditional humanoid form, he has limited physical abilities and stamina due to advanced age, having apparently devoted less of his energies khổng lồ physical self-enhancement than most other Elders. While his cosmic energy powers are diminished by age and neglect, they are still sufficient enough to lớn perform feats such as reshaping physical matter.

In his more alien khung, the Collector has super human strength, is massive in size, và can easily wield cosmic energy, performing feats such as limited shape-shifting, increasing his own kích cỡ, & firing powerful energy blasts. The Collector claims that his more alien incarnation is his true form, and that his humanoid incarnation is merely a disguise.

The Collector is wholly incapable of dying thanks lớn Death barring the Elders from her realm. He also has a limited telepathic rapport with his fellow Elders. And his precognitive powers give sầu hlặng brief, random glimpses of possible futures, usually apocalyptic ones, though he requires meditation to lớn clarify the details of these visions.

The Collector has accumulated billions of years of knowledge regarding the cultures, languages, rituals, & technologies of countless alien races. He maintains museums and zoos at various locations throughout the universe, and has even converted entire worlds into museums và specimen habitats, or created artificial planets for the same purpose. He also stores a large portion of his collection in his personal interstellar spacecraft. Though vast, this vessel can be concealed by shifting into subspace, maintaining a roughly phone booth-sized portal to lớn conventional space. The craft has been wrecked more than once, but the Collector has often replaced or rebuilt it.


The Collector’s special cosmic viewer can locate và observe sầu virtually anyone or anything in the universe—even within other time periods. His time probe can also move sầu beings and objects khổng lồ or from other times. His teleportation công nghệ can pluông chồng a target from any location và beam it into lớn his ship. His various headquarters usually include containment devices to lớn restrain his collected captives, notably stasis tubes that place their occupants in suspended animation. He stores larger groups or entire populations of living beings within his starship by shrinking them to a tiny form size before housing them in artificial ecosystems that duplicate their original natural environments.

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Cosmic Curator

Tivan houses collected civilizations in his Vivarium, where a series of artificial miniature ecosystems duplicate each race’s respective sầu natural environments, complete with extensive flora và fauna. His miniature ecosystems are so detailed that some of his specimens don’t even realize they are living in an artificial environment.

The Collector has extensive contact with Earth, establishing multiple secret museums there, adding many beings và artifacts khổng lồ his collection. His earliest known Earth museum is a menagerie of giant monsters stored in a subterranean complex beneath Canada. His captives have sầu included Droom, Fin Fang Foom, Gargantus, Goom, Grogg, Groot, Grottu, Rommbu, Taboo, Tragg, Van Doom’s Monster & other gigantic monsters that had terrorized humanity prior to the modern super heroic age. In fact, the proliferation of monstrous menaces during this early period may have sầu been what drew Collector’s attention lớn modern-day Earth in the first place.

Notable creatures in Tivan’s collection include the Bruruthian Paramecium Rex, which is an unusually large và aggressive sầu single-celled organism. This extremely rare, tentacled entity tried lớn consume the Collector and his longtime foes, the Avengers, when they entered the Vivarium at reduced kích thước lớn investigate the Brethren’s escape. Avengers thành viên Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) drove sầu off the creature with a quantum energy blast.


The rare Jupiterian Sauro-Beast is a prize pet held by the Collector, which is a reptilian creature with clawed feet, a tail, & a snake-like neck and head. Slightly larger than a cat and sensitive sầu lớn noise, it is in fact a large species of insect; one therefore proved susceptible to the insect-controlling powers of the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), who once compelled the Sauro-Beast to lớn help her và her fellow Avengers escape their cells on the Collector’s ship.

Other creatures in the Collector’s custody include a Venusian Retriever-Anemone, the Vultures of Nepenthe, energy-sapping Venusian Shock-Flies, và the energy creatures of Erdile.

Collector’s Combatants

When the Collector foresaw that the Mad Titung Thanos would destroy the universe, he began collecting artifacts and beings from all races khổng lồ combat hyên ổn and preserve sầu the future.

The Avengers, a group of super powered individuals, appealed khổng lồ the Collector as he hoped to ensnare them. When they fought baông xã, he used gadgets in his collection to lớn escape. All his attempts lớn add them to lớn his collection have sầu failed thus far.

The Collector once used the Brethren, the fanatically warlượt thích, genocidal superhuman race that the Celestials evolved from bacteria, to lớn ensnare humans. He released them upon Earth lớn destroy humanity and his plan was lớn harvest those left—until he was thwarted by the Avengers and the Brethren who ultimately turned on hyên ổn.

When the Collector uses his daughter Carimãng cầu to spy on Korvac—a would-be messiah who threatens all existence—Carimãng cầu unexpectedly falls in love sầu with him. She marries hlặng before turning on her father. Korvac slays the Collector, sending him to lớn Death’s door. Later, Carimãng cầu & Korvac die in a fight with the Avengers, though Korvac has been reborn in various incarnations since then.


Long-Lived Family

Unlượt thích most Elders, the Collector had a family: Matani his wife & Carimãng cầu his daughter. Though Matani is now deceased, when she was alive, she did not mô tả her husband’s obsession for collecting. And Carina was an ally before she met Korvac.

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