Fairy Tail: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About Erza Fairy Tail"s Erza is a fan-favorite character - but how much vì you really know about Titania, Queen of the Fairies?

Despite how much everyone in Fairy Tail talks about being family, they’re also the rowdiest bunch of mages in all of Magnolia. Families can get pretty wild, after all. But while the group is known for their raucous behavior and constant friendly sparring, there’s one thành viên of the guild that can make everyone behave: Erza Scarlet, or as she’s often called, Titania, the Queen of Fairies.

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Considered one of the most powerful members of the guild, Erza is responsible for some of the best and most over the top fight scenes in the series. Behind Natsu & Lucy, she’s one of the biggest characters on the show, but how much bởi Fairy Tail fans really know about her? Warning, spoilers are in effect for people who haven"t finished the series yet.

Much like every member of Fairy Tail, Erza is extremely protective of the guild và its name. In an omake chapter entitled “She’s Erza” (adapted in episode 203), she ran across Moulin Rouge, a young woman using the name of the guild lớn threaten a small town, robbing them of their money. Though Erza would find out Moulin was doing it just lớn survive, as she was an immigrant from another country and couldn’t find work, the young woman received no mercy. Erza promptly beat her lớn a pulp for impersonating a member of her family. Pretty harsh, but after the beating she invited Moulin Rogue khổng lồ come work for them if she wanted later, anyway.

Erza starts out as a baby that appeared on the doorstep of a church in Rosemary Village, and the story doesn’t delve sầu any deeper until the final arcs. During the Alvarez Empire arc, we learn Erza’s mother is actually Irene Belserion, a woman who was the Queen of Dragons four hundred years ago. Irene helped create Dragon Slayer magic to lớn fight against invading dragons from another country, but it gradually changed her inlớn a dragon as well, which lost her the love sầu of her husbvà. After four hundred years of wanting khổng lồ transform bachồng but failing, she finally chose khổng lồ have sầu Erza & give her away rather than have sầu her khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the enmity she had for the humanity her daughter had that Irene had lost.

Despite Erza’s serious personality in combat or in business, she’s not a dour person by any means. Another omake chapter focusing on her showed Erza being tricked inlớn buying an odd-looking supernhân vật outfit from a clothing store. Told that the costume was worn by a woman who defeated evil, she immediately took lớn the outfit and explored the đô thị as Fairy Woman. The rest of the chapter sees her doing good deeds và helping people, but eventually the costume changes her appearance khổng lồ look more like a Western-styled character. The end of the chapter sees her return to the clothing store lớn punish the man for giving her a cursed outfit... but she still maintains the different look afterwards.


Typically, a lot of leading anime heroines tkết thúc lớn be very pure. It matches the audience they’re usually aiming at, young boys và girls who might not have sầu had their first crush and certainly aren’t experienced with love even if they have sầu.

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So the lead characters usually have sầu little experience with love sầu as well, even though they’re older. But Erza’s a completely different case. During the “Welcome lớn Fairy Hills” story, Lucy gets to tour the girls’ dormitory for Fairy Tail. While there, she learns from Levy that Erza has a penchant for the more racy kind of romance novel.

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One of the things that helps to lớn make Erza feel lượt thích a more three-dimensional character is that she isn’t just one thing. She isn’t just a talented fighter who takes her job super seriously. She isn’t just the primary leader of the current generation of Fairy Tail. She’s also kind of a goof who loves sweets. She wants khổng lồ be taken seriously both on the battlefield và as a woman. Over the course of the series, we see Erza often curious about the lathử nghiệm fashion trends, and while she’s often off-base (& has a strange love of bunny outfits), it still makes her endearing as a character that she’s trying.


During the omake “Welcome to Fairy Hills”, Lucy visits the dormitory of all the women of Fairy Tail. It’s a joke chapter with a sweet ending, but it has a secondary purpose of allowing the fans khổng lồ get a look at all the rooms of the women in the guild, from Biska khổng lồ Juvia, Erza to Levy. But what we learn about Erza is that she actually has way more armor than we actually see her use. There’s a limit to the amount of armor and weapons she can store in magic space, and so she keeps the remainder in Fairy Hills, renting out five sầu rooms just khổng lồ have sầu enough space for them all.

If Erza can be summed up, it would be as a person who loves life & wants to lớn live as much of it as she can as excellent as she can. She wants the best friends & that’s why she joins Fairy Tail. She works hard & fights the strongest monsters to lớn show off her abilities. And she loves food. During the off-hours for the guild members she’s always going somewhere or coming baông chồng with a delicious food chiến thắng, usually a dessert. Even the giant suitcases she brings with her don’t contain armor, they contain different food and ingredients to lớn cook with.


During the comedy storyline “Fairy Christmas”, we learn that one thing Erza can’t do very well is hold her liquor. During a Christmas buổi tiệc ngọt for the guild, everyone involves gets more than a little tipsy on “holiday cheer”, but before Natsu and Gray can exit they’re both pulled into the arms of their thắm thiết interests, Lucy và Juvia.

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Jealous at all the romantic couples, Erza snaps & pulls the group inlớn playing the Guild Master trò chơi, where the “guild master” gets to make anyone involved vày whatever they want. Erza’s pretty harsh with this game, subjecting the other members (và fans!) to some pretty hilarious & embarrassing sights, making the OVA or manga omake chapter a must-see for any Fairy Tail bạn.

Erza has a fairly established look now, even though she’s best known for constantly altering her appearance through the use of multiple different kinds of armors. However, originally Hiro Mashima envisioned a completely different appearance for her. She was going khổng lồ have a spear instead of a sword, and have sầu a much more natural, “wild”, almost amazonian appearance. He was aiming for someone who could scare Natsu with just a look, và while he succeeded, it was with the armor-clad woman we know today rather than some kind of ersatz anime Wonder Woman.


Hiro Mashima had plans to lớn go for a major twist in the series early on. During the Tower of Heaven arc, we see Erza start to lớn have dreams of her past life as a slave working on the Tower. But these flashbacks were initially planned to be the present for the series rather than the past. In other words, Erza would have sầu still been a young girl slaving away in the tower, và all her memories of Natsu, Gray, and the others would have only been a dream of what life outside the Tower could be. This would have sầu been a massive shift that essentially positioned her as the main character, but fortunately, Mashima changed his mind and decided against invalidating all the fans’ experiences with the guild.

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